New York

The first time I visited NY it was to present my first collection in the Plaza Hotel. All those who have been there know how “the big apple” instantly brands you for life.
In that special moment everything was completely new to me. I felt lucky being able to show my designs in the city I considered the center of the world. I love that feeling when you get to know something new or you visit a place where you have the impression that everything is to be discovered.
New York is, no doubt, that Big City, that city that can make you feel like anything is possible. Those avenues full with the energy of people willing to give the most of themselves, have made the city a never-ending source of inspiration. That is why I just love to get lost in its streets, wandering around aimlessly, with the belief of spotting corners with hidden messages which will spark off and reload my creativity.
During that first journey I discovered a city that embraced me and seemed to offer me a dream: “your designs are meant to be expressed in this scenario”. From that moment on, its streets and folks have been part of me. New York is my muse and my designs carry its essence.