Some of the first memories of my childhood that have to do with Brigitte are related to her powerful attractiveness. Although I was still very young, I was able to understand (without knowing why) the sexual icon Bardot meant to all.

Nowadays I still admire that woman´s capacity to leave a mark on several generations with her distinguishing style and beauty. Actress, singer and muse who won over huge artists like Picasso. Brigitte, and what she means to me have deeply inspired my first collection, to the point of naming it after her.

I have searched for a different Brigitte with every design of this collection. Classic, as well as daring shapes, improved by the use of materials which, I consider, play the main part. This, along with the colors, textures and prints of my designs, make very clear that my creations are thought through for those women who first choose their shoes when looking for an outfit.