My story

I was born in 69!!! In Elda.

My beginning in the shoemaking world was early, as a child. My father was a shoe designer for an American brand for most of his working life and I had the opportunity to grow-up knowing this fascinating universe.

I remember entering my father´s study as a kid and seeing all those lasts, heels and sketches. I quickly started feeling the connection to all of it. Apreciating the beauty of a space where a creative work rises. That magical atmophere that rules in ateliers, workshops… Intimate spaces where inspiration is born, designs are built, textures and colors are combined; just a world to discover. In my case shoes and prototypes, as the designers call our first drafts.

The intense smell of leather while my father was working on every small detail of the styles he made for that American brand is something I can still perfectly remember. As a kid, North America sounded extremely far away to me. The idea that the creations my Dad developed in that workshop ended up in such a remote country, marked me deeply. That fascination and passion has just kept on growing inside me since then. I started learning the profession seriously in 1986 with my Father as the best teacher. I remember observing each and every phase of the production of a shoe.This made me understand the importance of each detail and that there was no step less important than the other. There are may professionals involved behind a quality shoe and the combination of the work is reflected in the resulting master piece. After that training, I left to Italy to start a study at ARS SUTORIA. This provided me with a new working perspective and when I was back I started introducing new working technics.

Since then I have developed several collections, first for the American market and after for the European market. I always wanted to create my own brand to express myself as a designer. Finally in 2017 I made that step and took the risk to realize my biggest dream: “pepe vera69!!!”

It was in one of my first journeys to Paris when my Dad asked me an important question: “ If you would create your own brand, how would it be?” My answer emerged inmediatly: “clean and simple lines with a strong personality” and that is exactly how I want it to be. This principles are my temple and my travel partner and all I want to express with my 69!!! collection.